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Protection screens, sneeze guards, counter screens, office screens

Protection screens and sneeze guards help provide protection for staff, customers and visitors against virus transmission. Our comprehensive range of protective screens include office screens, sneeze screens for counters, hanging sneeze guards, freestanding office dividers and more. Read more...

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Office screens with wheels

Sneeze guard protection screens

To combat the risks of infection we offer cost-effective virus protection screens which are affordable even when budgets are constrained by the economic pressures of the current situation. Sneeze guards, perspex screens and protection screens can take different forms depending on the location - for example: social distancing screens for pubs and offices are different to sneeze screens for shops and trade counters. 

That is why we offer a wide range of sneeze screens and sneeze guard products:

  • Suspended protection screens: easy to hang protection screens can be suspemded from most types of ceiling. Hanging screens can offer a good solution in checkouts, nail bars and any situation where a variable gap needs to be created between the screen and the tabletop.
  • We also specialise in suspension wires and fittings to hang acrylic sneeze guard screens - we supply other manufacturers as well as countless sign companies and acrylic distribuotors. 
  • Counter protection screens: sneeze guard screens to stand on a counter, reception desk or as a table divider for bench desk office configurations. We offer clamps for fitting perspec screens to desks and tables.
  • Free-standing protection screens: various types of office divider screen which stand on the floor to create queue dividers, separation between people waiting to be served or customers seated in adjacent bays such as in restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons.

Office screens and counter screens

Office screens play an important role when bringing staff back into a potentially crowded office. A clear office divider screen can take many forms - for example freestanding office partition screens and perspex room dividers or hanging clear plastic sneeze guards between desks. We office several types of office screens to help prevent virus transmission between office staff and visitors. 

Freestanding partitions such as a perspex divider screen can also be used as a salon screen or glazed social distancing screen in a restaurant. Customers waiting to be served in a bank or queuing at a counter need to be separated by clear glazed screens which can be fixed to the counter or stood on the floor.

We specialize in counter screens with clear plastic panels secured in aluminium frames which can stand on a counter or reception desk. Our counter protection screen has rigid perspex glazing while our counter sneeze guard is glazed with clear plastic PET panels - again mounted in an attractive silver metal frame. Both counter screens can be stood on the bar, counter or reception desk, with the option to screw it down to the counter top.

Advantages of a suspended sneeze guard

When counter-top space is very limited it may not be practical to stand a bulky acrylic sneeze guard on the bar, counter or desk. An advantage of suspending a sneeze  screen from the ceiling is it doesn't take up valuable counter space. An additional benefit is that the space under the screen can be adjusted to your requirements: need to pass parcels under the screen or scan goods through a till? 

For those who have sourced their own plastic sneeze guard panels we have three new fixing systems. A cable kit with fittings allows customers to set up a install a cable system sneeze guard - a similar concept to hanging sneeze guards but secured at the bottom, either onto the counter top, front face of a reception desk or to the floor. A new fixing system allows rigid plastic screens to be fitted as table dividers or as a protective upright screen on the front of desks or tables.The fittings simply clamp onto virtually any table to secure the screen and keep it rigid and upright.

Face shields and visors

As visors are now widely available from many soures we have decided no longer to stock them. We have sold out and we do not intend to replace this line. We apologise to customers who have found our visors practical and were planning to re-order.