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Card Grippers for POS cards

A wide range of plastic pos sign holders, perfect for use displaying prices in shops. Card Grippers are used for attaching POS cards, they are used as card holders for labels from supermarket food counters to market stalls and charity shops. Card Grippers secure POS cards using fully adjustable clear plastic grippers and clamps to attach to containers, baskets, rails, pots, tubs, bicycle handlebars, food containers etc. Read more...

Clear plastic Card Grippers

The integral push-fit or spring loaded card holders will take stiff card, laminated paper, plastic write-on cards and chalk cards.  They are used to display POS cards, product labels and many other uses.

These polycarbonate spring clips - sometimes known as Combo-Clips - are used in many retail sectors for all sorts of different display and ticketing applications.

They are popular with visual merchandisers worldwide as they are neat, unobtrusive, adaptable and economical.