Tabletop chalkboard stands and table chalk boards

Tabletop chalkboards are ever popular for displaying menus in pubs, bars and bistros. Tabletop chalkboard signs are also valuable in many other situations where a table blackboard and chalk pen combine to create a sustainable and engaging way to communicate.

Table chalkboards, tabletop chalkboard stands and chalk menu boards which stand on a table or counter are perfect for displaying prices, menus and other handwritten information. Read more...


Table top chalkboards

Our table chalkboards and table blackboards for use with chalk pens are the perfect solution for indoor displays and summer craft fairs outdoors. Some of our table top chalkboards are suitable for use with stick chalk, however we recommend liquid chalk pens for a superior professional finish. Wet wipe pens which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth are ideal. We supply an excellent range of chalk pens.

These table chalkboards are perfect for Today's Specials and Menus in pubs, restaurants, bars, gift shops, garden centres and many other situations. The versatile wooden chalkboards offer a vintage and rustic feel which is now highly sought after to offer the customer a more personal buying experience.

Versatile and attractive tabletop chalkboard signs

Tabletop chalkboard signs are often fun and imaginative. Tabletop chalkboard menu signs are perfect for coffeeshop menuboards, tea shops and other informal environments such as craft stalls selling eco beauty products. The natural and environmentally friendly look of a small chalkboard standing on a table reinforces your USP of home made goodies, locally sourced ingredients and similar local provenance messages. The charm of well crafted chalkboards standing on a table or counter help communicate the personality of your business.

Charming, quirky or practical

A café menu board or giftshop price sign can be made quirky too, by choosing  a charming chalkboard stand shaped like a teapot, dinner plate or coffee mug. We also offer tabletop chalkboard stands based on the blackboard and easel concept - big enough for your needs but small enough to stand on a table or artisan's workbench.  There are also cute miniature replica sandwhich boards and A-frames which look unusual and eye-catching set amongst giftware or jewelery displays. Then we have the ever-popular handheld range of table menu boards with a cut-out hand hole - very practical for serving staff to handle and ours are excellent value.

And finally...

Tips for writing on chalkboards

  • Worried your hand-writing may not be good enough for a tabletop chalkboard sign? Practice and preparation can work wonders. 
  • The chalk pens are erasble so if it didn't work first time simply wipe it off and try again. 
  • Lay out your idea on paper first so you don't try to cram too many words on one line. 
  • Remember you can rule pencil lines on the chalkboard to act as a guide. 
  • We also supply stencils for use with chalkboards - mostly suitable for larger decorative elements. 
  • Be careful when introducing a second colour - ensure your ink is dry to avoid colours running into each other. 
  • Shake your chalk pen with the lid on to ensure the ink is well mixed and there isn't a sediment resulting in watery writing. 
  • Pump the nib of the chalk pen to ensure it is well charged with ink but be sure to blot off any excess. 
  • Work logically to reduce the risk of smudging. 
  • And if all else fails, look around for a crafty friend or artistic family member! There are lot of people who love the creativity of making an attractive table blackboard or decorating a tabletop chalkboard frame.