Chalkboards, chalk pens, wet wipe and waterproof

Chalk boards never go out of fashion. We supply a range of chalkboards and pens, including blackboard pens such as liquid chalk wet wipe and outdoor chalkboard pens Read more...

Liquid Chalkboard pens and markers.

Green Magic stocks a comprehensive range of liquid chalk effect marker pens made by Zig. Effective on surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, wood and stone - the pens are at their very best on a non-porous surface.

There is a range of colours especially suited to writing and drawing on black chalkboards and also office and home whiteboards.  These are the pens that the professionals use!  Firstly decide which pen best suits your needs. 
Although there are several nib types and sizes we have selected what we feel are the best two:

6mm Chisel chalk pens: with this nib, you can produce 3 different thickness of line from a very fine, a medium up to a 6mm thick, use this for promotional blackboards up to A3 or for line text on larger chalkboards.

15mm Big and Broad chalk pens: with this nib, you can produce 2 line sizes: 5-6mm and a bold 15mm line - ideal for a larger sign or chalkboard menu. Used in conjunction with the smaller chisel pen you can produce your own professional looking sign.  

Zig Illumigraph Wet Wipe pens and Wet wipe Markers.

Ideally, use these pens indoors.  Wet wipe pens will write on many surfaces including wet wipe boards, whiteboards, glass and plastics: ideal at home for that shopping list!  Use a damp cloth to remove and start again.

Need some ideas and tips?

All Zig Markers use water-based pigment inks, they are lightfast, odourless and are Xylene free

Erasing Posterman: If you have used Posterman pens for years you may have found that New Formula Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner doesn't work anymore!  But don't despair - we have found an alternative which works better than any of the household cleaners listed in the picture, Securit liquid chalk pen cleaner.  These are pictured below.    Or you can also use Zig's own cleaner which we sell.  Illumigraph pens can be erased with a damp cloth but the below products will help remove ghosting. Posterman outdoor is intended to be permanent outside so water won't touch it.