Chalkboards, chalk pens, wet wipe and waterproof

Chalkboards never seem to go out of fashion and can be put to great use in a huge variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor. We have a great range and can offer you a one-stop-shop experience with our high-quality chalk pens for blackboards Read more...

Liquid chalk pens and markers

Liquid chalk pens are the perfect accessory for your board and are great on other non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, and stone. We have a comprehensive range of chalkboard pens in different sizes and colours so you can be sure that all the creative aspects of your display or project are covered.

How does it work?

Liquid chalk ink gives you the unique look and feel of stick chalk without the dust and mess. Make sure your surface is clean and free from grease, shake the pen and press the marker tip up and down or rock it back and forth on a hard surface a few times to get the liquid to flow. Once the liquid is flowing smoothly, you're ready to go. Simply write or draw and allow to dry.

The beauty with these pens is that when used on a non-porous surface you can easily erase your work with a damp cloth and start again - which is why they are sometimes referred to as wet wipe pens or markers! If your pen does leave a shadow behind (this sometimes happens on cheaper surfaces), you can use the Securit cleaner which gives a deep clean and soaks away stubborn marks.

You can, of course, use these pens on other surfaces, such as paper and card, but be aware that these surfaces are porous and therefore the effect is permanent.

Choices available

We are pleased to offer you a great choice:

  • Chalkboard pens for indoor use
  • Waterproof chalk pens for outdoor use
  • Colour ranges available including the gorgeous new metallics range
  • Different nib sizes for different effects - 1mm fine tip, 6mm chisel tip and chunky 15mm big and bold tips.
  • Buy pens individually
  • Assorted colour packs
  • Assorted nib size packs in white
  • Starter stencil packs to get you going
  • Fast-drying liquid chalk removal fluid also available.


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