Lockable Poster display cases and notice boards

lockable poster display cases sized to suit a single poster and notice boards designed to display several notices at a time - the difference being a single piece of paper is best displayed in a poster case while a notice board is more practical for multiple sheets. In both ranges we offer weatherproof poster cases and noticeboards, all fitted with a hinged door and equipped with a key lock Read more...


Lockable Poster display cases

Lockable Poster Cases intended for a single poster are supplied in standard poster sizes, such as the A1 poster display case.  The poster is secured with integral plastic clips around the perimeter and the door closes onto the poster leaving only a minimal gap. There isn't a space left for the heads of fixing pins as there is with a glazed noticeboard.  However some customers choose to use poster display cases for multiple notices, fixing these with tape or similar, but we suggest our notice boards provide a better solution.

Notice boards for outdoors or indoor use

Our notice boards look similar to poster display cases as both a manufactured with similar aluminium frames and a hinged locking door glazed with a durable clear window.  The important difference is notice boards allow for space around the individual notices and the pinboard is set back to leave room for the heads of push-in or magnetic pins. All notice boards and poster cases can be used outdoors but remember that condensation can still occur (as with any window).

Key Frames - poster cases and notice boards with locks

Our poster cases and notice boards are fitted with key locks - which is why they are often called Key Frames or Keylock Frames. The locks are simple yet effective as a deterrent to that intent on tampering or pinning up a crafty flyer. Keyframes offer a superior solution to the simple Allen key locks found on some snap frames.  The lock and key facility mean that access is controlled - but other than that changing posters or notices is quick and easy.