Wire rope fittings to create loops in suspension cables

Hanging wire fittings to loop over beams or hook up items to be suspended are available in loop cable kits or as fully adjustable components. Installation is quick and easy as no ferrules or crimps are required Read more...


Cable loop devices offer practical and attractive ways to suspend signs and services

  • Cables (suspension wires or wire ropes) can be used for hanging all kinds of things when combined with hooks and clamp fittings to create loops (without ferrules - which require specialist tools to apply).
  • Self locking clamp fittings such as our new Urban Trapeze, or the established Gripple and Zip-Lock brands can be used to create adjustable loops in galvanised wire rope or stainless steel wire.
  • Fine adjustment could not be easier with the ultra compact and stylish Urban Trapeze gripper.  It offers a much more refined look for suspended signage and is incredibly easy to use.
  • These cable systems can equally be used for luminaire suspension, track lighting systems and other services (for lighter loads up to 5-10kg per wire).  Simply depress the clutch release button to adjust the height.
  • Perla, though not self-locking, is another valuable small wire rope fitting.