Pavement signs - A-boards with snap frames

These A boards comprise a sturdy folding A-frame fitted with snap frames on each side to make a practical double-sided pavement sign. They are popular because snap frame A boards (also known as Aboards, A frames or metal sandwich boards) make an effective and low cost way to display posters and advertisements, which can be changed as often as required. Read more...

A-frame pavement sign boards with snap action poster frames

Our A-frames are super stable and quick to fold away. Aboards are high quality with metal back panels (unlike some snap-frame pavement signs), corrosion resistant and robust. These A-frame signs are tried and tested in UK weather conditions.

The silver sandwich board is an ideal way to display changeable messages thanks to the built in snap frames - meaning posters, signs and chalk inserts can be updated with ease. These pavement advertising boards have frames where all four sides simply flip open and the new message is inserted behind the poster protector sheet supplied.

Two snapframes are mounted back-to-back on a folding aluminium stand to make a practical and cheap snap frame A-board. Snap frame A-boards are perfect for high street, pavement, shopping mall, sidewalk or forecourt. 

Types of Snap frame A-board we offer

Snap frame A boards are available as A-frame signs in silver and black finish.  The most common A board sizes are A2 and A1 - this defines the size of poster which the frame will hold. A boards with A2 frames are small and relatively light - they don't take up much space and they are highly portable. A-boards with A1 frames are very popular on UK high streets - this is a good compromise size balancing impact with convenience.

Although they are not strictly A frames we also supply pavement signs with snap frames with water-fill base. Rather than folding like an A-board these waterbase signs roll on wheels if they need to be moved.

If you prefer the sustainable look of a wooden A frame sign with blackboard surface we also cater for this option.


Frequently asked questions about A-frame signs and sandwich board signs