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Range of plastic display clips for table-top use

Displaying cards on a table-top, shelf or serving counter has never been easier with our versatile range of display card holders and crocodile clip display clip holders Read more...

Display clip holders from Green Magic

A range of tabletop advertising display stands, crocodile clip stands for small cards to display prices or a table number

  • Exoclip will hold postcard size cards, notices or price tickets, displayed at a slight angle.  These are high quality display clips made from virtually unbreakable plastic.
  • Crystal card holders are for displaying stiff cards and menus in an upright mode.  Made from clear plastic they suit double-sided display.
  • Mini card clips are small - suitable for business card and similar sizes.  They are manufactured from styrene which is a more economical material.  They are typically used for small giftware tickets.

Crocodile clip stands for card, ticket or table number

  • Table stands with crocodile clips, alligator clips and memo clips can be used for holding small price display cards and table numbers. We stock two types of croc clip table stands, both with circular base - one plastic and one metal.
  • Plastic base ticket holder has a plastic memo clip to grip the price ticket or name card. It can be used on slightly sloping surfaces and still display the card vertically thanks to the two multi position knuckle joints.
  • Metal base stand with crocodile clip is heavier and more stable than most small photo holders sold mainly for home use and will not topple easily.