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POS display for garden centres and outdoor retail

Specialist POS sign holders for garden retail display are also applicable to other types of outdoor retail displays. Waterproof outdoor changeable signs are required in many situations, not only in retail garden centre displays Read more...

Green Magic specialises in POS and signage solutions for garden centres

Green Magic Co started out in 1995 with the aim of developing and distributing products to garden centres and retail nurseries to improve their POS and signage.  This goal has been accomplished and today we supply sign holders and similar point-of-sale hardware to the majority of the independent garden centres in the UK. We also have many customers in Ireland, mainland Europe and even as far afield as Japan who swear by Green Magic signs for displaying outdoor point-of-sale signs.

Bed cards and plant information display

We do not produce and print bed cards and plant information signs - these are available from various sources and many garden retailers print their own.  However our products make the display of these marketing materials possible and professional.

Bed cards in the UK are traditionally 8in x 6in in size - though this size is so close to A5 the two are frequently mixed.  Display systems for bed cards do however need to cater for both sizes - plus laminated A5 which is a few mm different again.  To cater for all these with a single product Green Magic conceived the idea of a Slim Frame: a plastic POS holder carefully dimensioned to fit all variants.  Similar products are offered for the ever popular A4 size and larger A3 sizes - the corresponding frames fit laminated POS as well as the standard paper size.

Point of sale in wind and rain 

Point of Sale (POS) display outdoors comes with the challenges caused by the elements.  Rain is generally the easier element to overcome: laminating paper or printing onto waterproof materials is generally easier than choosing a holder or frame incorporating a water seal (though we also supply waterproof frames).   Corrosion needs to be countered by the choice of corrosion resistant materials.

Wind is the factor which requires more attention and we have developed solutions such as wind resistant sign stands which can be screwed down onto plant benches or POS holders with special serrated fixing clips which 'push on' to bench edges and stay put in the wind.

Sunlight is another factor to take into account because of potential fading of printed material and possible UV degradation of plastics components. The effect of ultra violet light has been addressed with the correct choice of materials.

Pallet signs - another specialist topic

At garden centres and many other retail businesses products are often merchandised on pallets - therefore requiring effective pallet signage solutions.  Again you will find a full section devoted to ways to attach POS to pallets while retaining the ability to change and update signs whenever required.