Suspended protection screen

  • The suspended protection screen is a light, easy to fit, clear plastic hanging sneeze guard
  • Top and bottom aluminium bars and choice of hanging kit for conventional or suspended ceilings
  • Two screen sizes: 85 cm x 85 cm (34" square) and 120 cm wide x 85 cm high (48" x 34") 

Suspended protection screen

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Suspended sneeze guard screen for social distancing

Suspended protection screens are a simple yet effective sneeze guard to help protect people on either side of the screen from the transmission of airborne viruses and germs. The clear plastic screens hang from the ceiling using adjustable wires which are included, together with screw-on or twist-on ceiling fittings. Suspended sneeze guards can be useful in many locations such as above busy counters, between desks or to create an economical divider for seating areas in waiting rooms or in hair dressers.

The screen material is semi-rigid PET sheet, a glossy clear transparent material which is used for making PPE visors used in hospitals. The material used is 0.7mm thick (twice as thick as most visors), it is durable and recyclable. Please note: There may be some minor optical imperfections in the sheet which do not affect performance as a safety screen.

Hang sneeze screens from conventional or suspended ceilings

  • Both options to hang sneeze screens from conventional or suspended ceilings come with a pair of adjustable wires plus professional quality easy-to-use ceiling fittings.
  • Conventional ceiling hanging kit is for screwing to plasterboard ceilings. It is supplied with plastic expanding plugs and screws.
  • Suspended ceiling hanging kit locks onto popular 25mm/1" suspended ceiling grids - simply twist on and insert the cable to the height required.
  • If you prefer to stick fixings to the ceiling rather than screwing see our budget hanging screen.

Hanging protection screen details

Our hanging protection screens are stocked in two practical sizes:

  • 85 x 85 cm suspended screen is suitable for compact store checkouts where width is restricted and you need face to face protection as customers approach from the front. The suspended screen is also suitable for hanging between desks in office.
  • 120 cm wide x 85 cm high hanging protection screen is preferable when customers move parallel to the till or you need a wider sneeze barrier over a reception desk or over a bar, serving counter and so forth.
  • As the suspension system is totally adjustable (from a few cm to 1 metre drop to the top rail) you can set the bar at a level which suits you.
  • The pre-cut PET screen is delivered flat in a protective box together with the top and bottom silver aluminium rails.

 Choosing the right kit

  • Hanging this safety screen from a plaster ceiling is a breeze using the fittings supplied with the Conventional ceiling fixing kit
  • Hanging a social distancing screen from a suspended ceiling - choose the Suspended ceiling kit.
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