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Sign and poster hanging systems which screw to ceiling

Ceiling hanging system to display signs and posters from the ceiling with screw-in ceiling fixings, wire rope and adjustable hanging hooks. Hanging wire with hooks which screw to ceiling are highly adaptable screw-on ceiling hooks as the height can be adjusted at the push of a button and the object suspended remains locked securely in place Read more...

Screw in ceiling wires with hooks in silver or black

  • The hanging kits on this web page are for screwing to the ceiling.
  • They are fully adjustable for easy height alignment.
  • New black cable hanging option combined with black ceiling fixing and adjustable black hook offer new design possibilities.

Ceiling hangers are used for hanging signs and suspending posters or banners.
They are also useful for hanging light fittings and services, Christmas decorations and in general merchandising applications.

Four kits are available, all equipped with a rapid height adjustment facility either at the ceiling or at the bottom of the cable.

Self-locking clutch with inbuilt release button makes it simple to set the height.