Waterproof and Outdoor Poster Displays

Successful waterproof poster displays depend on using the right outdoor sign holders. 

Protect your outdoor notices, posters, and printed displays by using one of our frames specially designed to keep out the rain. From lockable notice boards to waterproof snap frames to laminating pouches, we are sure to have just the right thing for your outdoor display.  Read more...

Outdoor sign holders and waterproof poster displays - how they work

How do you keep the rain from damaging posters? There are two main ways that you can keep your poster waterproof and pristine - place the poster in a rainproof frame or make the poster itself waterproof!

Waterproofing posters and notices

Print your poster or notice onto plastic or laminate the paper print so that it is completely sealed. You can use a simple desktop laminator with a laminating pouch for this option but remember the finished and sealed print will need a slightly oversized frame to hold the plastic border.

Outdoor poster frames

Outdoor poster frames are a great way to display posters, promotions, offers and information. Designed with a waterproof seal or a front-opening that diverts rain away from the poster, these frames offer the weather protection you need all year round. Don't forget that, just like single-glazed windows, condensation might occur inside the frame so keeping a small air gap between the window and the print is useful.

  • There are several options for displaying posters outside including poster cases and snap frames
  • Outdoor notice boards can display a number of notices in a single case and are brilliant for community centres, sports facilities etc
  • Waterproof leaflet and brochure holders include a hinged lid to keep your leaflets protected
  • Outdoor A Frames and A-Boards use a heavy base with easy-to-open snap frames to hold your poster