Waterproof and Outdoor Poster Displays

Successful waterproof poster displays depend on using the right outdoor sign holders. 

Either the poster frame or notice board should be designed with a way to keep rain out; OR the poster should be printed on waterproof material, or else be laminated if printed on paper.  Read more...

Outdoor sign holders and waterproof poster displays - how they work

How to keep the rain from damaging posters? There are two principal ways a poster frame can be rendered waterproof for outdoor use. Outdoor sign holders enable printed signs and leaflets to be placed outside, without the poster or print becoming soggy and crinkled.

  • One way is to incorporate a weather gasket or waterproof seal around the perimeter. This technique is employed to manufacture waterproof snap frames and some outdoor notice boards.  
  • The other is to design the opening front so that rain water is diverted away from the poster to the outside.  This method is used for outdoor poster cases and some A boards for outside use, which incorporate drainage channels.

Alternatively, rather than trying to keep a paper poster dry, make the poster itself waterproof.

  • One possibility is to print the poster onto plastic. 
  • The other option is to laminate or encapsulate the paper print so that it is sealed around the full perimeter. Desktop laminators perform this function successfully using laminating pouches.  In this case the frame to hold the sealed print needs to be slightly oversized as extra space is needed to accommodate the plastic border.

Bear in mind that condensation may occur inside the front window of a waterproof poster frame, just like on any single-glazed window. So it is desirable that any paper poster does not come into direct contact with the window - i.e. the dsign should build in a small air gap.  This is not needed for laminated or plastic prints making these a reliable solution.

Displaying posters outside

Depending on the size of the poster there are several options for displaying posters outside including poster cases and snap frames.

Outdoor notice boards

Outdoor notice boards are intended for displaying several notices in a single case behind a hinged window made of clear rigid plastic.

Waterproof leaflet displays

Dispensing leaflets outside for visitors to help themselves requires a leaflet dispenser with a hinged lid. Waterproof leaflet displays are ideal for promoting your business or attraction in all weathers.

Outdoor A Frames and A-Boards

A boards for outside include permanent message designs (available to order from local sign companies) and poster display A frames and heavy base pavement signs with openable snap frames to take your seasonal or promotional poster.  This is the versatile type of outdoor A-frame or sandwich board we supply on this website.