Poster frames for suspending from ceiling or wall

Suspended poster frames include Double-sided Snap Frames and Stretch Frames which tension a poster in a minimalist frame. Frames for suspending can be hung from the wall or suspended from the ceiling and used double-sided.

Create an unusual suspended poster display using Stretch Frames, made from slender aluminium tubes with push-in corner fittings and slide-along suspension eyes. These contemporary frames look great hanging on the wall or from the ceiling Read more...

Stretch frames for posters

At each corner there is a special clear plastic clip, for gripping paper posters, attached to a small spring. These clips hold the poster taut imparting an elegant floating-in-air look.

For product promotions the fact that each Stretch Frame comes in its own postable tube is a handy feature for brand roll-outs and mail-outs.

Suspending snap frames

Snap frames are ideal for hanging or suspending with two snap frames mounted back to back. Available from sizes A5 to A1.

  • Suspended snap frames may be hung singly using the supplied hanging eyes combined with hanging wires.  Height adjustment can be provided by selecting our special hanging cable sets.
  • Double-sided snap frames can also be hung in stacked displays (one frame above the other) with floor to ceiling cables passing down through the fluted back panel between the two graphics. 
    A pair of wires can support two or more frames of the same size.  Stopper fittings makes height adjustment and levelling easy.