Small wooden easel stands for display

Small wooden easels can be used as table-top display stands to hold display boards and photos or as a small blackboard and easel for hand-written menus or counter-top promotions Read more...

Small easels for displaying photos or printed display boards

Small easels are perfect for displaying mounted photographs or smaller framed pictures and framed certificates. Medium size table easels can be used for larger printed display boards or stiff photos.  Wooden easels are economical and convenient to use - simply open the hinged strut to create a stable stand on which to place any thick card or rigid board.

Table-top blackboard and easel for menus and stylish hand written notices

Blackboard and easels are perfect for hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars and conference suites. Small and medium blackboard and easel sets are used on tables, bars or counters. The traditional easel display always looks good - wooden easels are back in fashion.  Taller floor stand easels are also available, but this page features smaller size easels for standing on a table, reception desk or display counter. Small easels and mini easels are great for specials menus, at art exhibitions, for wedding seating plans, and many other uses.