Office partition screens - perspex room dividers

  • Floor standing office partition screens with double or triple linked panels 
  • A more economical alternative to perspex room dividers, using durable PET glazing 
  • Full height perspex divider screen to help protect against near-range infection transmission

Office partition screens - perspex room dividers

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Office partition screens help reduce airborne transmission

Glazed office partition screens help create a barrier against close-range virus transmission - for example between adjacent queues. Perspex room dividers maintain clear visual contact while separating people from direct paths of airborne infection.

When used in a well ventilated space our freestanding 2m tall glazed partition screens can help offer protection between people who might otherwise be stood or seated close-by.

Perspex divider screen

Floor-standing perspex divider screens can be used in many places such as in open plan offices, to separate restaurant tables, or at service counters and check-in desks.

Plexiglass or Perspex screens have become generic names used to refer to clear plastic screens. Our freestanding room divider screens are glazed with PET, an optically clear material which is more economical than polycarbonate or acrylic, but equally effective as a barrier. Our divider screens are also light to move around as the glazing is only 1mm thick, but well supported in an elegant, stable all-round aluminium frame.

Features of double-width and triple screens

  • 2-panel or 3-panel sets supplied with freestanding feet (to position screens independently) plus link-up fittings to allow the 1m wide panels to be connected together in a straight line to make a continuous room divider. 
  • Assemble and re-configure the screens as you wish.
  • Office divider screens are only intended for indoor use. Three linked panels sets (i.e. with support feet at each end) may lack stability in a bustling environment.
  • The panels are supplied pre-assembled and pre-glazed - connecting the stabiliser feet and/or link plates is quick and straightforward.
  • Each divider panel is 1m wide and 2m high. So the double and triple width sets create 2m or 3m long freestanding divider screens.
  • The link plates connect panels in a straight line. We offer a different solution when a hinged-panel partition is required.
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