Wire hanging display systems

We are specialists in hanging wire systems used for many purposes including hanging signs and point-of-sale displays, suspending light fittings and other lightweight cable hanging applications - such as fixing suspended decorative displays or acoustic ceiling panels. Almost all our wires and ceiling fittings are fully adjustable in height with a simple clutch-release gripper mechanism.

Ceiling hanging systems consist of various ceiling fixings, hanging wire, ceiling hooks, wire hanging display systems and wire displays Read more...

Everything you need to hang a sign  

Wire sign hangers comprise the following components:
Hanging wires or suspension cables, hook fittings or sign panel grippers, ceiling or bulkhead anchor points.  Sign hanging hardware can be purchased in sets or as individual wire rope components for mix and match convenience.

Adjustable cables, frame hanging wire or fittings which provide for fine height adjustment are an essential feature of picture hanging systems or any poster hanging kit.  Signs must be displayed dead level and poster hanging arrays must be perfectly aligned.  An adjustable hook at the bottom of the wire or a cable holder incorporating a clutch mechanism mounted on the ceiling is a vital element of any hanging system.

Our wire hanging display fittings are also used for lighting systems, shopfitting, visual merchandising, art galleries, suspending cable trays and other mechanical and electrical services.


Suspending signage with sign hanging kits  

Display fixtures and fittings for suspending signage are available as convenient sign hanging kits or as individual components.  Different sign hanging kits have been carefully assembled to suit differing circumstances: screw-to-ceiling versions, magnet attachment wire fittings, fittings to hang signs from suspended ceilings.  These are also referred to as false ceilings or grid ceilings, and we have hardware to attach easily and reliably to standard ceiling grids.


Ways to hang posters and picture hanging hardware  

There are several ways to hang posters - the choice will depend on the size and weight of the poster and the type of ceiling.  For smaller lightweight posters POS type fittings are a perfect low cost answer.  The range of POS hanging systems includes adhesive ceiling buttons and double-ended hooks which latch onto our poster bars.  Wire POS hooks can also be supplied in a style which is easily stretched to the required length (Jet Set wires).

For large posters, heavy maps and drop banners the more substantial screw anchors and wire rope hooks offer a more substantial alternative.

Our suspension kits are also valuable as picture hanging hardware - when pictures need to be suspended on wires from either the ceiling or the wall.


Cable fittings and cables

Sign supplies for suspending signs include wire rope or cables; wipe rope accessories such as wire rope hooks and various ceiling fittings.  These can be anchors which screw to the ceiling, magnetic wire end fixings, and suspended ceiling fixings.

Some kits are intended specifically for hanging a rigid sign panel - which could be made out of acrylic, foam PVC or aluminium composite sheet.

Unless the hanging signs are really heavy 1.2mm cable with 7x7 construction or a 1.5mm wire display system is perfectly adequate.  Each cable and the associated wire fittings will support a weight of 10kg with a considerable margin of safety.  These wires look inconspicuous but they are capable of taking a significant load.  Galvanised steel wire is generally supplied but the components can equally be used with stainless steel cables.  Wire end fixing points are reliably engineered.

Acoustic ceiling panel suspension

As well as hanging signs our hanging systems are also popular for suspending acoustic panels from ceilings and for supporting building services including lighting installations.

A number of specialist components are available including spiral anchors for supporting rock wool acoustic panels.

If you need to know how to hang acoustic panels from a ceiling you will find useful information here.