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Frames and POS holders suitable for outdoors

Outdoor POS frames are used in garden centres, builders merchants, farms and nature reserves to display POs or other signs outdoors. Our plastic POS frames are reusable for many years and can be screwed or stapled onto timber posts and wooden structures. Our outdoor aluminium frames are equally durable presenting a smart appearance.

Types of outdoor POS frame

Frames and POS holders for use outdoors are resistant to wind and rain, surviving the elements for many years. POS is the abreviation for Point-of-Sale materials - such as price signs and printed product feature lists.

Plastic frames are made from durable ABS plastic which ultimately can be recycled - meanwhile the frames can be used time and time again. So our outdoor plastic frames are definitely not classed as single-use plastics.Called Slim Frames, these POS holders have a slot in the short side of the frame to slide in your laminated paper sign or notice.

Outdoor aluminium frames can also accept laminated paper - provided you choose from the slightly oversized laminated frame range to allow for the border created around a print when sealing it in a laminating pouch. Alternatively waterproof aluminium frames have a water barrier around the inside of the frame so that ordinary paper print-outs can be used. Finally a standard aluminium snap frame can be used with a water resistant poster placed behind the front cover sheet (which is not ordinarily sealed against water ingress around the edge of the frame).