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Wooden A-boards - light or heavy duty

Wooden A boards are a real favourite with pubs, tea-rooms, farm shops and vintage markets. In fact, a wooden pavement sign is the perfect alternative to aluminium framed a-boards and sandwich boards for any business that wants to project a contemporary and stylish image. Easy to use, customise and update - what's not to like? Read more...

Chalkboard pavement signs

Create your own individual and unique signs with a chalkboard pavement sign and chalk pens. Our wooden a-boards all feature a quality chalkboard surface for crafting your own messages. The chalkboard surface is easily cleaned so you can change your message as often as you need or want.

  • Our wooden a-boards are available in light-weight or heavy-duty styles so we have the right one for you whether you need a portable or permanent display
  • Make your pavement chalkboard reflect the personality of your business with your own written signs
  • Use your wooden chalkboard indoors as well as out - they are great for promoting in-store attractions and specials.

Wooden A-Boards with blackboard and magnetic surface 

These special wooden a-boards combine the classic blackboard coat with a magnetic surface allowing you to mix and match your chalk pen designs with printed media. The creative display possibilities are endless with this innovative combination!

Which wooden pavement sign is best for you?

Choose your wooden pavement sign with care - where will you primarily be placing your chalk signboard? If you are displaying outside, ensure that choose a model with a fully weatherproof blackboard surface to avoid your designs washing out in the rain. Heavy-duty boards are best outside in windy positions whereas the lightweight versions are brilliant if your board to be easily movable.

What sort of chalk pen should I use with a wood a-board?

Avoid using fine line pens for anything other than outlining on a decent sized blackboard pavement sign as the line produced is delicate and easily gets lost. Wet wipe pens are great for indoor use and we recommend waterproof chalk pens for outdoor use. Check out our chalk pen section for more information, options and ideas!


It can be difficult to visualise the actual size of an item from measurements alone - here's some help with choosing the right size wooden pavement sign:

  • The Wooden A-Board 46x68cm has a chalkboard surface area slightly larger than A2 paper size
  • The Tall Wooden A Board 60x120cm is about the same width as a portrait A1 poster and just under double the height. This is a substantial board - at 15kg, this wooden a-board is very wind-resistant for outdoor displays (although do bring them indoors in stormy weather and gales!)
  • At just under A1 poster size, the Chalkboard A-Frame with slot -in black magnetic panels is perfect for promoting lunch and dinner menus

For more information about each specific project, just check out the product page.