Pallet sign holders

Pallet sign holders are ideal for showcasing promotional signage and product information in retailers where quantities of stock are stored and displayed on pallets. Our pallet sign holders are ideal for garden centres, plant nurseries, bulk-buy retailers, building merchants and more. Read more...

Pallet signage options

We offer two pallet signage options: floor sign stands and ground-level angled pallet wedge sign holders. Both are designed to be durable and versatile, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Our pallet sign holders can help you effectively communicate your messages to customers, enhance your display areas, and ultimately drive sales.

Floor sign stands for POS display on pallets

Our adjustable-height floor sign stands feature a flat metal base that can be easily trapped under a pallet for added stability. They can be set to either landscape or portrait orientation and holder true size A4 or A3 signs, as well as slightly larger laminated sizes for added waterproofing. 

Pallet wedge sign holders

Our pallet wedges are one of the best-selling pallet sign holders in the UK, thanks to their extreme toughness and resistance to trolleys! They can be set to either landscape or portrait orientation and are perfect for displaying ground-level information, ensuring that customers have easy access to both the information they need and the products!

Our pallet sign holders offer a robust and durable solution for your pallet signage needs. Whether you're looking to display promotional signage or product information, our versatile and sturdy pallet sign holders are a perfect choice.