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Display of POS material for products displayed on pallets

Signs, labels and point-of-sale (POS) materials are often required for pallets in retail situations (DIY sheds, cash and carry stores and garden centres) and in some warehouse and logistics environments Read more...

Sign holders for pallets 

  • The best approach to pallet signage depends on the particular situation. This section covers products we have developed for labelling individual pallets indoors or outside. 
  • See also our alternative pallet sign solutions which apply when there is an existing support structure available (such as a gantry, back wall or roof) which can simplify matters considerably.

Sometimes standing a sign next to a pallet can work but utilising the weight of the pallet itself to stabilise the sign is often a better idea. This can be achieved by standing pallets on a sign base or by attaching the sign to the pallet.

Fixing signs to pallets can be particularly difficult outdoors, coping with wind and the elements. Pallet signage solutions, however, abound at Green Magic as this is an area in which we have specialised for years.