Suspension fittings for hanging rigid sign panels

Hanging rigid sign panels is easy with the right suspension fittings and hanging wires designed for fixing suspended signs. Choice of self locking adjustable-height panel grippers to suit thin (up to 5mm) or thick (up to 10mm) rigid panels Read more...


Rigid panel hangers combine strength and ease of use

  • Suspended sign panels are frequently made of acrylic (such as Perspex), rigid foam PVC (such as Palite, Foamalux or Smart-X), aluminium composite sheet (such as Dibond, Alucolor, Alupanel or Reynobond).
  • Panel hangers are available in two sizes: up to 5mm and up to 10mm panel thickness. Thicker panels and signs require a hole through the panel for safe suspension.
  • Ceiling fixings are either screwed onto the ceiling or lock onto suspended ceiling grids.  Our sign hangers incorporate height adjustable wire cables to support the hanging sign.
  • Cable heights can be set easily using a self locking clutch (with release button for fine adjustment on site) or by tightening a grub screw, depending on the fitting.