Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps - for ceiling or wall hanging

Poster clamps, banner rails and poster snaps are the perfect solution for easy framing and hanging in any number of settings. If you prefer a more natural look check out our magnetic wooden poster hanger sets. Whether you are looking to hang double-sided messages and promotions from a ceiling or frame an image on a wall or as part of a window display, you're bound to find the right product in our range. Read more...


What are poster snaps, poster clamps and banner rails?

Quite simply, posters snaps, poster clamps and banner rails are aluminium hanging bars designed to securely hold the top and bottom edge of your display material. The silver or black aluminium gives a minimalist and sleek look and we've now added to our range to include wooden poster hangers which give a different aesthetic to your display. The bottom bar of each set is weighted to hold your print or banner taut and both top and bottom bars are lined to ensure your print isn't damaged.

Snaps, clamps, and rails are hugely popular because they look great, wear well and are exceptionally easy to put together. Use poster snaps for most materials, either to hang from the wall or ceiling and use poster clamps for heavier displays. Aluminium hanging bars are the best choice for especially large or wide banners. As specialist providers of hanging wire systems, we also offer an excellent range of hangers, cables, and suspension kits.

Whether your display requires snaps, clamps, or rails, you can be confident that it will look great, hold securely and be easy to put together and hang! Our aluminium bars are also available in special colours on request, subject to quantity.

Wooden poster gripper bars

If you prefer to avoid aluminium and plastic poster grippers take a look at our wooden poster gripper bars. Like other poster snap bars they come as a top and bottom pair, in various widths to suit different size posters. Each wooden poster bar is supplied in two halves which snap together by magnetic attraction. The magnets are set into the wood, so they are not visible in use. The top and bottom edges of your poster or banner are gripped to provide proper support. Magnetic wooden poster hangers are also suitable for many fabric banners, swatches, tapestries and drapes.