Sign hanging hardware + fixing wall signs

Specialist sign fixings are available for both wall-mounted signs and hanging signs. Wall signs fixing systems range from concealed panel fixings to stand-off fittings. We offer a large range of sign hanging display fittings Read more...

Signage systems - the components you need  

Green Magic is a specialist in signage systems.  We offer practical, stylish and great value components sourced from around the world.  Whether you need fittings for a professional signage project or you are an end user looking for a simple way to hang or secure signs and graphics we have solutions available here.  Signage hardware is grouped in easy to navigate categories covering suspended signs, wall mounted signs and cable displays as typically used for shop windows.


Hanging systems for banners and signs  

Hanging signs and banners is a straight-forward job with the right fixings and fittings.  You will find versatile hanging systems suitable for banners, especially for use in combination with our popular Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps.  Equally if you are looking for a trade supplier of sign hanging systems you've come to the right place.  Some signs will stay put once fitted but banners may need changing regularly.  It is important to use a hanging system from which the banner can be detached easily without disturbing the ceiling anchors and drop wires.  To achieve this we offer various hook-on fittings, and all our kits allow for easy height adjustment.


Fittings for fixing signs  

Fixing signs, plaques and rigid panels to walls is often required, and made much easier with the right fittings.  As well as stand-off fittings in several styles we can offer novel wall panel mounting hardware.  Attractive styling and competitive prices are important both to us and our customers.  Fittings and fixings are available in several different finishes to complement both the sign you want to fix and the location.  Fittings for fixing signs to walls can be used indoors or outside for external projects.


Window display systems  

Cable display systems have been popular for many years.  Typically they are used for Estate Agents windows and shops such as hairdressers.  Window display systems are great for changeable signage.  This display system uses clear rigid poster pockets, for example A4 size, secured onto floor-to-ceiling wires or cables.  Attachment fittings, cables and easy access sign holders allow many different configurations to be designed.


Display fittings for POS  

Display of POS (which stands for Point of Sale) material in shops and stores requires simple to use fittings.  We supply display fixings for hooking lightweight boards onto rails and special clamps to act as eyelet substitutes for gripping onto outdoor banners.

Ceiling fixings and hanging wires are required for suspended POS and in-store banners.  Whilst the function is similar to suspended signage projects these POS accessories are generally low cost and light duty components - perfect for short-term display on a strict budget but not as substantial and aesthetically pleasing as the fittings used for permanent signage projects.