Poster Hangers - Hanging Posters and Banners

Hanging posters is easy when you select the right poster hangers for the job. For posters printed on thick paper snap aluminium poster hangers are ideal. When hanging banners or particularly large posters a clamp action poster hanger may be the best solution Read more...

Poster hangers for hanging posters and banners

All our poster hanging systems are intended to be fully re-usable, making them economical and cost effective. The poster hangers we offer includes: Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps - both feature aluminium poster hanging bars to fit easily to the top and bottom of signs, posters or banners. They are available in many stock sizes, the length of the hanging rail corresponding to the width of the poster or banner.

Double-sided snap frames - these are specially made for suspending on wires and can form part of a floor-to-ceiling cable display system. Stretch Frames- available in standard paper sizes from A4 up to A1. These lightweight aluminium frames join easily together and feature spring clips at each corner which holds paper and similar light gauge posters in a delightful state of elegant suspension.

Ceiling poster display or wall hung posters

Wherever you need to hang a poster from the ceiling or on a wall our poster grippers are stylish and easy to use. They look better than cheap plastic binding bars and they hold suspended graphics in a smarter and more professional manner. You will see these snap bars and grip rails in high street stores, often being used to display a large banner in a shop window. But they can be used to hang posters in any environment from libraries to car showrooms and from superstores to a teenager's bedroom. For wall hanging of posters take a look at snap frames or changeable poster frames. You can also click here to request your printed Green Magic catalogue by post.