Frameless poster holders and designer sign systems

Frameless poster holders and sign holders are sought after when aesthetic design and minimalist looks are important. Clear acrylic and polycarbonate wall sign holders - choose from the PixQuick, Smartquick or ClearView ranges to find something to suit your needs. Read more...

Frameless sign holders

Signs and notices are easy to change using your own self-printed paper inserts or posters. So called frameless frames, because the surround is either absent or else almost invisible, are often key elements  of designer sign systems.

ClearView high quality polycarbonate crystal clear sign holders

Quality flat face design for wall or window mounting featuring easy document insertion.

Pixquick & Smartquick Italian designer beautiful signholders

Smartquick Premium flat face design crystal clear office and door name sign holders.

The Smartquick range of flat fronted door sign holders offering a crystal clear minimalist look. 

  • High gloss quality polycarbonate moulding which hinges open.
  • Curved or flat front lens also unclips completely making message change especially quick and easy.
  • The rear component is readily fixed to office walls, doors, partitions. Perfect for classroom doors in schools or colleges, doctor's surgeries, conference and meeting rooms.
  • Convenient fixing methods supplied with every office name plate sign holder, screws with wall plugs or very stong adhesive tape.
Pixquick Premium curved face crystal clear door nameplate holders.

Magnedoor magnetic poster frames

Wall mount print holders Budget folded-design plastic wall pocket.

  • Magnedoor is a poster frame that's not run of the mill, it exudes understated Italian style.
  • Posters and printed content can be exchanged as easily as with the ubiquitous snap frame. (Snap frames are significantly cheaper but less stylish and more commonplace).
  • Magnedoor offers that extra panache - admitedly at a price.  But if you want something out of the ordinary maybe it's worth paying a bit more.
  • The slim profile of the frame (i.e. the shallow depth) makes this poster frame especially suitable for locations where space is tight - for example inside a passenger lift / elevator or in a narrow passageway.

Acrylic wall mount picture frames

With stand-off wall fixings and easy access poster change.