Lightweight hanging protection screen

  • Super lightweight hanging sneeze protection screen - that's Flexi Screen
  • Tough transparent PET film with aluminium gripper bars top and bottom 
  • Choice of 2 sizes and complete with a simple versatile 2-wire hanging kit 
  • For more permanent installation and enhanced adjustability upgrade to our Suspended Protection Screen

Lightweight hanging protection screen

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Lightweight hanging plastic screen

Flexi Screen is a great value flexible hanging sneeze screen - now featuring the same thickness clear plastic as our higher specification Suspended Protection Screens but with simpler hanging accessories suitable for almost all types of ceiling.

The clear plastic screen is made from 700 micron PET. Although flexible this is a tough material which won't rip or tear in normal use. The screen material is clear so visual contact is unimpeded - although not quite the same visual quality as rigid acrylic sold at a significantly higher price. Harmful  droplets sprayed by sneezing, coughing and even speaking are blocked from a direct transmission path. A sneeze-guard screen offers reassurance to all concerned.

Advantages of a hanging sneeze guard

When there is no space for an acrylic sneeze guard stood on a desk or table a hanging protection screen could be the answer. Flexi Screen is a more affordable option which will perform well as a low cost divider for shop counterss, hairdressers and beauty salons, nail bars, offices and more. The bottom of the sneeze guard can be set at the exact gap you require. When countertop space is limited it may not be practical to stand a bulky acrylic sneeze guard on the counter or desktop. However be aware that suspended screens can get caught in gusts of wind, so we do not recommend their use close to an outside door.

Flexible protective screen details

Flexi Screen hanging protection screens are stocked in two practical sizes:

  • 85 cm wide x 85 cm high protective screen is suitable for narrower gaps and direct face to face protection seated or standing when customers or co-workers approach from the front. It is also suitable as an isolation screen between seats in a waiting room.
  • 120 cm wide x 85 cm high creates a wider sneeze screen for use, for example, between facing desks in an office or over the top of a trade counter or reception desk.
  • The pre-cut PET screen is packed in a flat cardboard box together with the top and bottom silver aluminium rails. Fitting the screen is a breeze using the concealed plastic grippers supplied. See Assembly and Installation tab..

Hanging accessories included for flat ceilings or suspended ceilings

  • The versatile suspension kit employs fixings and extendable wires commonly used for hanging lightweight point of sale materials in shops.
  • This hanging kit is very easy to use without needing to drill any holes in the ceiling. It is adequately strong in normal use providing people aren't constantly tugging at or bumping into the screen. 
  • The lightweight 2-wire universal hanging kit provides you a choice of ceiling fixing (adhesive buttons and ceiling grid clips) plus Jet Set wires - which you can stretch to the length required and they will then support the weight of the screen at the selected height. (We include a couple of spare JetSet wires in case you over-stretch the wires first time around!)
  • When fitting to suspended ceilings the screen doe not have to line up with a grid - it can run crossways under two or more ceiling bars.
  • If you prefer to upgrade to a more permanent and adjustable hanging wire system please see our Suspended Protection Screen. The screen itself is identical to the one on this page. The only difference is the hanging wires and fittings.
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