Point of Sale printing solutions and consumables

Large format printers enable shops, businesses, education and other sectors to produce POS posters, banners and printed materials on demand. Shop our range of paper and inks below. Read more...

Large format paper and media for printers – suitable for use outdoors

Retailers both large and small have opted to take their printing up to larger sizes of POS and have entered the world of Large Format Printing. Green Magic are Epson Resellers with over 20 years experience actively promoting Epson large format printers as they produce great fade-free results and use waterproof pigment inks. The print quality is superb and on the right material outdoor prints can look good for months.

Buying a new point of sale printer?

There are so many to choose from, the internet is full of companies selling large printers and they seem really cheap don't they. The truth is large format printers can be very reasonable, for around £1800-£2000 you will be able to get an entry level A1 poster printer that should do the job. At Green Magic we specialise in point of sale printing and consumables, a phone call to one of our printer specialists can not only be very helpful but can stop you from making an expensive mistake. 

  • 24" or A1 printers can print 610mm wide and a banner about 2 metres long, enough for most situations.
  • 44" or A0 printers add impact to buildings with high roof spaces, just because its a 44" printer doesn't mean you have to use 44" paper rolls ! Use the economical 610mm or 24" paper rolls for your everyday printing needs and switch it up for when you need those big impact messages and promotions.  

 Call us for a quote on your next large format printer, it could save you a lot of time and maybe some money too

Our Magic Media range of wide format roll media has been selected for use with Epson Stylus (UltraChrome pigment ink) Pro Series large format printers and other aqueous pigment inkjet printers, is suitable for use with outdoor media. It is available in the following sizes:

  • 17” (420mm) wide – suitable for use with Epson 4000 or similar.
  • 24” (610mm) wide – suitable for use with Epson range this implies an Epson 7600, 7800, 7880 or 7700 printer and the latest Epson SureColor SC-T pigment ink printers.
  • 42” (1067mm) wide – suitable for use with Epson 9600, 9800, 9880 or 9700 printer and the latest Epson SureColor SC-T7000 pigment ink printers.

Buying Epson large format printer inks

Epson Stylus Pro inkjet inks

This series of printers are professional machines - each cartridge has an onboard chip that tells the printer how much ink is left and also which position the cartridge must sit in the printer.

There are two ways of checking which ink you require. First you can check on top of the printer case it will have a label telling you what kind of printer you have ie Epson Stylus Pro 9880. Each cartridge also has it's own number printed on the side. For example for the Matte black 200ml cart it will say T6128. We recommend that high volume users purchase the 220 ml cartridges as they offer better value for money.

We only sell genuine Epson inks, compatible cartridges are available online that are much cheaper for a reason, the ink does not have the same light-stable pigments and is prone to clogging the delicate print head. NB a new print head once installed outweighs any cost saving from using cheap inks. We have a few customers who can testify to this as non-genuine inks instantly invalidate your warranty.  

Epson Ultrachrome K3 HDR inks

Epson UltraChrome Inks are pigmented inks with high pigment density, resin coating for more stability, an even surface and gloss, high stability on a wide variety of media including fine art, speciality and plain paper.

  • Excellent short term stability. On the correct media you can expect 6 months poster life outdoors in full sun.
  • Low level of Metamerism means that there is almost no change under different light conditions.
  • Designed to suit and print on a wide variety of media while maintaining outstanding lightfastness.
  • Made for professional display and sales, so retains an excellent level of stability.
  • Epson UltraChrome Ink can deliver twice the density of our conventional pigment ink. As a result, it reproduces a larger gamut of colour and deeper blacks.
  • Superb water resistance.

For more help, please call us to discuss your requirements.