Dog bowl stands for promoting your business

A dog water bowl outside your pub, shop or restaurant is much appreciated by dog owners and offers a great way to advertise your business. Dog bowl stands for promoting any business are produced with eye-catching dog watering station signs with the facility to customise with your own personal message. Choose from our range of promotional dog water dispenser stands. Read more...

Promote your business with a dog bowl stand

Dog watering station ideas

Dog bowl stands come in all shapes and sizes - ours are aimed at promoting your business. Whether you run a cafe or a pub, a pet shop or a pet superstore, you want to create goodwill with pet owners and dog walkers. During a heatwave dog hydration becomes a major concern for anyone out walking with their dog or visiting a restaurant or local beauty spot. There are lots of great ways to provide drinking water for pets - and wild animals - but why not consider boosting your brand with a sign or some subtle but effective advertising?

Dog water dispenser outside your premises?

A pet pavement promoter can be both appreciated and an effective way to advertise to pet owners. Vets, veterinary clinics and dog grooming businesses can also benefit by creating an advertising presence on the pavement, one which is actually welcomed and noticed - instead of being just another item of street clutter. Dog water dispensers are not just for commercial organisations: public buildings, libraries and parks are also great places to consider the needs of animals. Remember that someone will need to attend to topping up and maintaining a healthy clean facility. A handy outside tap nearby is ideal but some locations fill up jerry cans and leave them adjacent if demand  for water dispensing is high.

Brand owners can also benefit!

Petfood brands and other pet product suppliers can also seize the initiative to capture attention before customers even enter the shop or pet clinic by sponsoring a dog drinking facility, which is likely to be well received and looked after. Explore the branding opportunities which we offer to larger customers, brand owners and chains. We can offer many bespoke solutions so please get in touch if our off-the-shelf solutions don't quite fit the bill!