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Pavement signs with wind-resistant water-filled base

If you need a pavement sign but are located in a windy, open or roadside location, you need something with a weighted base. Forecourt signs with a water-filled base are the perfect solution - wind-resistant and moveable (wheels included!), our water filled pavement signs in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets are exactly what you are looking for. Read more...

Budget Waterbase pavement signs

The popular low cost pavement sign with water base is best used when wind is slight to moderate. The budget pavement sign shares the same specification as Sightmaster II and Whirlwind pavement boards and is seen on high streets and shopping malls everywhere. These excellent value pavement signs come with black and silver options and feature snap frames both sides for easy poster change.  The base is lighter than our heavier duty models and has intetgrated wheels to make it easy to roll in at night.

WindPro forecourt and pavement signboards

WindPro is a mid price pavement signboard designed to a higher specification with heavier weighted base offering extra wind resistance. The weatherproof snap action poster frames include a seal to keep posters dry behind the clear plastic cover.   The frames also accept graphics printed on rigid boards.
Sometimes called a sturdy upright A-board with springs, these signboards are equally at home outdoors on a high street or in a busy shopping mall.  The base is fitted with wheels to make the board movable and filled with water to prevent the sign blowing over.  Firm metal springs deflect stronger breezes. 

Windcheater forecourt sign with water base

A heavy duty high quality range boasting extra weight - our most wind resistant forecourt sign for large signs in more exposed situations. The strong moulded water-fill base is especailly stable incorporating a metal sub-frame to make this a sturdy roadside sign. Windcheater is available in silver finish with waterproof frames so paper posters stay dry.
Larger heavy base plus springs for maximum stability in strong winds. 
Intetgrated wheels to make it easier to move around or roll in at night.