Literature floor stands - Floor standing leaflet holders

A wide selection of floor brochure stands, literature stands and floor standing leaflet holders to suit all situations. Floor display stands for leaflets provide a space efficient way to display multiple leaflets in your showroom or trade show Read more...


Literature stands for displaying brochures, leaflets and catalogues.

Literature racks and free-standing brochure stands are needed for professional brochure display at exhibitions and trade shows. They are also used in reception areas, foyers, showrooms and libraries. We specialise in various brochure stands and literature rack models, including floor stands in this section and table leaflet racks and wall racks for literature display (click to view respective section).

Collapsible folding brochure stands

Ideal for exhibitors who require a maximum impact brochure display combined with a fast set up and rapid breakdown. These fold-up brochure stands are quick and efficient - but very stylish. We also offer deluxe brochure stands - perfect exhibitions solutions when company image is right in the public eye.

Showroom brochure display racks

Also suitable for exhibitions but requiring a little longer to set up these more substantial literature displays are perfect for permanent siting in showrooms, shop entrances, car dealerships, office foyers etc. We call them showroom brochure display racks these literature stands are classy and substantial. They are also suitable for dispensing magazines which may be larger than regular A4 size.

Multi-bay floor standing display racks for brochures

When you have a lot of brochures to display but want a compact free-standing solution these floor literature racks are the answer. They can be used single-sided or as double-sided brochure displays holding up to 24 different facings of A4 brochures.

For all-round access to literature we have a multi-sided Tower catalogue stand with a big load capacity to take a lot of catalogues or standard A4 size brochures.

A diverse range of brochure display racks

Static brochure stands are key assets to any library, reception area, foyer or showroom, whereas portable literature and brochure display racks, as well as free-standing leaflet displays are an attribute every business needs in order to create a professional impact at exhibitions and trade shows.

Green Magic offer a wide range of leaflet display racks to accommodate a diverse range of needs. From a quick set up portable brochure stand model, a wall mounted literature display, or even a counter top brochure display rack; we can cater to all of your brochure display rack and catalogue display needs.

Smaller portable leaflet display stands

If you only have a limited number of brochures or catalogues to display but you want a self-contained free-standing solution we have a range of handy leaflet display stands which are portable. These small brochure display stands are valuable at exhibitions or in a car showroom with versions for a single brochure up to three or four different brochures.

Looking for a Lectern which displays a catalogue OR secures your notes for a speech?

Our free-standing Lectern does just that: it can be used two ways.
If you have a set of leaflets, brochures or instruction sheets you want to make easy to browse but you don't want them 'walking', the handy ring binder will hold your sheets securely.
Remove the ring binder and hey presto you have a low cost conference lectern from which to deliver some sage words to your audience.