Lockable and secure snap frames - provide extra security

Keep posters and signs safe and tamper-free with a lockable snap frame, or a secure snap frame which needs a special opening tool to restrict access and safeguard your notices Read more...


A lockable poster snap frame at a great value price

Lockable snap frames reduce misuse and abuse in vulnerable situations.

Snap frames make it easy to update signs and notices but sometimes this can be a disadvantage - especially if the poster is a desirable trophy item. Advertisements or posters which would look good on a teenager's bedroom wall or in an enthusiast's specialist collection are most at risk. The location also has a bearing - public places still accessible when no-one is about being one example.

A3 & A4 Lockable snap frames are used extensively in music venues were upcoming gig flyers are most likely to be taken. The clever internal locking bars also prevent the frame from being pried open.

For all sizes A3 A3 and A2  

Safeguarding notices with secure snap frames

A secure snap frame requires a special lever tool to open it. These tamperproof frames offer a high level of security with access restricted to staff members authorised to possess a lever tool. Safeguarding notices such as fire exit plans are important for safety and ensure that in locations such as student accommodation signs are not interfered with.

A3 secure snap frames are commonly used to display evacuation plans in office corridors and accommodation, whilst the popular A4 secure snap frame can often be found on hotel doors with the fire safety procedure information.  

Lockable waterproof snap frames

The solutions we offer include waterproof lockable snap frames for use outdoors. These great value secure exterior poster frames are a more economical choice than a poster frame with a hinged door.

Tamper proof poster snap frames

Snap frames are designed for easy changing of posters. In some situations, this is open to abuse. Tamper proof snap frames cannot easily be opened without a special lever tool. So only authorised users equipped with a lever tool can gain access to the frame.

The secure snap frame profile looks similar to a normal 25mm snap frame. The difference with this secure snap frame is in the detail. Instead of a finger-lift groove to make opening the frame easy the secure profile has no groove. Additionally, the secure frame, also known as tamper resistant snap frame, has extra springs to make it harder to open.

Possession of a lever tool naturally overcomes this difficulty and then the secure frame can be opened with ease.

Tamper resistant snap frames are stocked in A4, A3 and A2 sizes. View all our Snap Frames