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POS holders for garden centres - fixed or movable POS stands

Garden centres and retail nurseries need special POS holders and stands which must be weatherproof and accept laminated POS - standard in all Green Magic products in this category.

Choose from fixed screw-down stands which are stable outdoors on windy sites, or movable POS holders which can be stabilised by placing the metal base under trays or plant pots. Read more...

Our outdoor grade plastic frames all accept laminated prints!

All the sign and POS holders on this page accept regular paper size like A5, A4 and A3 and also the slightly larger laminated sizes with an extra border because laminating pouches need to seal past the edge of the paper print. These POS holders have square corners and are made from durable ABS. Every frame is supplied with a backing sheet (correx).

Movable POS stands for seasonal plants, bedding and houseplants

Our movable point-of-sale (POS) stands feature a flat 'shovel' base made of metal which can be weighted down by trays of bedding, pots and planters, rendering the stand stable outdoors. Indoors in housplant areas these POS stands can be used without the need to stabilise, although taller models certainly benefit from having something heavy placed on the metal base.

Our POS stands are available in adjustable-height and fixed height models. Mainly they get used on plant display tables and timber display benches, but they can be stood on the ground provided that a tub or table leg is used to weigh them down. Generally for floor standing applications one of our taller floor POS stands is more suitable as these display POS at eye level making it easier to read.

Screw down signage stands for use outdoors in adverse weather conditions

The signage display products in this category address the problem of wind.  Fixed POS stands are a successful solution for windy locations.

Unlike most point of sale stands, which can be blown over easily in windy outdoor retail locations such as nurseries and garden centres, our fixed POS stands are stable outdoors

Special sign stands developed for garden centres, but also applicable to other outside situations, include screw-down stands and POS holders which screw onto plant tables or plant display benches.  These solutions prevent POS signage toppling in the wind.

Choosing the right plastic frame for garden retail

The plastic frames we use are a Green Magic creation - called Slim Frames - invented by us in the 1990's, and they have certainly stood the test of time!

Green Magic frames are made in many colours to suit your house colour theme (although black is the most popular, followed by dark green). Our additional unique feature is that these plastic frames have a deeper slot (to insert your sign or POS) and we include a correx backing sheet with every frame. This stiffens up printed signs and stops prints blowing out and looking tatty. All frames can be used double-sided, with a different sign on each side.

Slim Frames with square corners are made from outdoor grade ABS which withstands sun and rain for many years. We do also offer cheaper round-corner frames which don't fit laminated paper which we offer to other retailers. But we do not recommend round corner plastic frames to garden centres who may want to use laminated A4 prints since round corner frames do NOT fit laminated signs. 

Our Slim Frames also fit true A4 signs printed onto waterproof media (such as PVC or polyester) and indoors they can be used with plain A4 paper (and other sizes) behind an optional clear plastic poster protector - available as an accessory.