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Outdoor Leaflet holders | Brochure holders for exterior walls

Outdoor Leaflet holders can be open to the elements and so it is important that you choose a display unit that will remain secure and dry, whatever the weather. Best prices on our outdoor leaflet holders. Read more...

Outdoor leaflet dispensers

 The best selling UK outdoor leaflet dispensers by far are the Taymar brochure boxes, made from clear Styrene with a flip-closed lid to keep your leaflets, flyers and brochures dry outdoors. Placement out outdoor brochure holders needs some consideration, a sheltered wall location out of direct wind and rain is always best. Available from our UK stock these outdoor brochure boxes have fast shipping options. 

There is also an option for outdoor leaflet dispensers with hanging clips, suitable for a car or van window fixing. Ideal for mobile trades that can dispense their leaflets directly from the van. 

Acrylic exterior leaflet holders  - wall mounted 

Made from heavy-duty perspex acrylic the exterior leaflet holder has a high capacity for flyers and printed brochures. Although made for outdoors and featuring a flap shut lid these brochure boxes are used extensively indoors due to their high capacity and ease of mounting with screws or double-sided adhesive tape. 

Outdoor waterproof display of brochures and catalogues

Acrylic exterior brochure holders are tried and tested offering a high-quality presentation of literature to be displayed and dispensed outdoors.  If a good presentation is your main goal we recommend the Perspex acrylic versions to display brochures and flyers outdoors e.g. fixed to a wall.

Outdoor weatherproof literature dispensers have an integral self-closing lids to keep out the weather. These are in the excellent styrene Taymar range of outdoor leaflet dispensers. The lid has "Please Take One" moulded into it. These outdoor brochure dispensers can also have hanging clips to attach to a slightly open vehicle window.

Applications: Outdoor display of brochures, catalogues, leaflets and flyers is applicable to many situations such as outdoor retailers, garden centres, garden buildings companies, campsites, marinas, country parks, for sale boards (estate agents) and many other uses.