Wall light boxes - snap frame & magnetic front LED

Wall mounted LED poster light boxes are available in three styles - snap, magnetic and curved.

Snap frame poster light boxes and magnetic front lightboxes are based on smart edge lit LED technology - super slim design and very efficient to run. Curved front light boxes also feature snap-action front opening. Read more...


LED wall light boxes

As a light source LED offers much lower running costs than other types combined with longer service life.  The cost of LEDs has come down in recent years making this the smart choice for today's edge-lit lightbox installations.

  • Wall-mounted edge-lit light boxes make great illuminated poster display cases.
  • The popular snap frame design provides easy poster change for slimline single-sided lightboxes.  Snap frame light boxes offer style and convenience.
  • Insert a Duratrans or similar transparency - they also work with digital prints on ordinary poster paper (providing the light can shine through from behind).

Wall light box with smart black trim and magnetic front cover

  • Magnetic front light boxes are very fashionable - the design is sleek and smart 
  • The lightbox frame is black, the design is slender yet they are bright and eye-catching 
  • Magnetic poster case lightboxes can be wall mounted or suspended.