Hanging wire system fixings and fittings to buy separately

These wire rope system components comprise the individual elements also found in our hanging wire kits. Contractors and installers can select the exact hanging hardware required for a particular project Read more...


Hardware components for hanging signs, lights, services etc.

Sign installers, lighting contractors, ceiling fitters and other trades may find it more convenient to bulk buy the hanging hardware components required for a specific job, be it hanging signs, suspending lights or attaching acoustic ceiling panels.

Hardware components and suspension fittings for creating hanging wire assemblies are found in this section. However for general applications it may be more convenient to buy wire rope hanging kits rather than selecting individual components.

There are 4 PRODUCT GROUPS in this section.

  1. TOP FIXINGS - non adjustable: Ceiling fixings complete with wire rope, typically for use in conjunction with Group 2.
  2. BOTTOM FITTINGS - adjustable height: Suspension hooks, panel grippers and fittings for creating suspension loops.
  3. TOP FITTINGS - adjustable: Ceiling fixings with in-built height adjustment facility (without wires).
  4. WIRE ROPES: Wires with crimped hooks or with plain ends (in lengths or on reels).