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Black cable suspension systems

Black cables combined with black hooks and ceiling fixings provide an aesthetic solution for suspending signs, decorations and light weight building services such as light fittings, egg crate ceilings and acoustic panels.

Black suspension wires and matching matt black components disappear from view in dark ceiling spaces, but they can also look more subtle than conventional silver wires, for instance in store merchandising and in galleries or museums. Read more...

Black cable range for hanging signs and displays

Our black suspension range includes black suspension cable, also known as black wire rope, and fittings suitable for lighter duty application up to 17kg safe working load. The fittings consist of black hooks - which are easily adjustable in height, very neat black ceiling fixings, and black cables with a pre-formed loop at one end. These loop cables can be used in various ways, for example slung over ceiling trunking or roof trusses with the tail threaded back though the loop to create a lasso fixing. 

When hanging signs made from Dibond or similar aluminium composite panels with a black edge, the black suspension cable option matches the sign styling giving a classy appearance. Especially in retail window displays and museums, where the merchandise or artefact should be the focus of attention, black hanging wires and discreet black hooks have a definite appeal.

Hanging from dark ceiling spaces

Black suspension systems are not confined to hanging signs and light fittings from a dark ceiling, making them appear to float from the roof; black wires can also be perfect for hanging the ceiling itself. Baffle ceilings, open grids and eggcrate ceilings are all popular in modern buildings creating airiness and ambience at the same time. Providing the ceiling components are not too heavy, our black wire suspension systems can be used to support decorative ceiling sections invisibly.

Black cable hanging systems are perfect for light duty rigging in theatres and concert halls, as well as for suspending acoustic baffles and ceiling elements designed to prevent unwanted reverberation which can distort the sound and make speech difficult to understand. The suspension system is hidden when using black components.

Versatile, strong and quick to fit

All our hanging wire systems, both regular silver colour or matt black, are surprisingly strong. The black cable is slender, 1.5mm diameter, and therefore unobtrusive - but it can safely carry a load of up to 17kg per wire (with a 5:1 margin of safety). Most signs and objects are hung with two cables so they can be levelled up properly. Provided the weight is evenly distributed between the two cables the safe working load (SWL) can be doubled. 

The fittings we supply are self locking making for fast installation and easy height adjustment. No crimping of cables is required on site avoiding the need for high accuracy until the final level up. There are no fiddly allen keys involved - simply depress the clutch mechanism and fine adjustment is a breeze. Black cable is also referred to as black hanging wire and black aircraft cable (that's a term popular in US because these strong interwoven strands of wire were originally used in the aircraft industry). They hang straight, displaying no memory of being shipped coiled up. The 7x7 cable construction also means that our self locking fittings grip the cables very well.