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Grid ceiling hardware for suspending signs, POS and banners

High quality fully adjustable fittings and hanging wires to attach to suspended ceiling grids. These hanging kits are for attaching to a 25 mm (1 inch) wide ceiling grid where the tiles rest on the grid. We offer several alternative systems for hanging signs, POS and more from suspended ceilings Read more...

Easy ways to hang signs and POS from grid ceilings

We offer grid ceiling hardware which is fully adjustable for easy height alignment.

  • False ceilings (suspended ceilings/drop ceilings) comprise a ceiling grid onto which suspension fittings can be attached. The grids are made up of inverted T-bars which are normally 25mm (1") wide.
  • Grid ceiling hangers either twist onto the ceiling bars or they are a push fit. Suspended ceiling hooks are fitted with ease. 
  • Twist action ceiling grid anchors  tend to support heavier loads and are more secure than push-on suspended ceiling clips (such as T-bar clips).
  • With heavier loads the strength of the suspended ceiling system should be checked, although normally this isn't an issue for suspending typical signs and banners.