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A2 poster stands and A1 display stands

A2 poster stands are used for free standing poster display - generally stood on the floor. A1 display stands can either be at eye level or else the A-frame type - with the poster displayed closer to the floor.

The A2 poster stand is popular for advertising and information signs. A range of A2 display stands are available, mainly for indoor use. The stands are metal to provide adequate strength and stability.

A1 poster display stands can be tall and impressive generating impact from a large poster display. In most circumstances A1 display stands are not used for portable outdoor poster displays as they would need to be unmanageably heavy in order to prevent toppling in a stiff breeze. However A boards and similar pavement signs make very good A1 outdoor display stands.

As well as poster frame stands we offer a range of floor stands to mount A1 and A2 display boards - for example produced on a flat bed printer onto foamcore, correx or dibond.