Self cling poster holders - quick, convenient and removable

Self cling poster holders and self adhesive poster mounts are suitable for attaching posters to all types of window and some are suitable for mounting on many types of wall. Read more...

Self cling poster pockets

Self cling clear poster pockets which are removable and leave no residue include Noteplexx, Window Wizard and Posterfix mounts.

  • New Noteplexx self adhesive poster mounts are very versatile with their clever geckolike method of mounting.
  • Original Window Wizard self cling holders are being superseded by Noteplexx in A4 size - other sizes to follow.
  • Posterfix window mounts have a clear adhesive on the back to attach to the glass or other materials and a magnetic poster flap to hold your poster.
  • On clear glass all these removable poster mounts can be used double-sided.
  • All window mounts work best when the window or surface has been cleaned first.