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Cable screen kit

  • Cable screen kit is for installing a perspex screen up to 3mm thick to a counter, bar or reception desk
  • The kit enables taut wires to be installed from ceiling to counter front, or to counter top 
  • Perspex or similar rigid plastic sneeze protection screen is secured by adjustable grippers

Cable screen kit

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Kit adapts to any size or configuration 

This kit is for fixing perspex or similar rigid plastic screens to a counter, bar or reception desk by means of taut wires and grippers to secure the panel. Clever fittings make the kit highly adaptable to different situations. The top and bottom anchor fittings are designed to swivel through 90 degrees. This allows the tensioned cables to be installed either from ceiling to counter-top or from ceiling to the front face of the counter (as illustrated). This avoids damaging the counter top and means that the full counter remains available for use as a display, bar or whatever..

The kit does not include the perspex or other clear plastic. The exact size required can be sourced by the installer or a practical customer to suit the local situation. The kit includes the fixings and fittings required to install the screen using the tensioned cable technique (as found in estate agent or bank shop windows). The rigid plastic sneeze screen can be any convenient size, compatible with a maximum thickness of 3mm to fit into the grippers. The screen can be acrylic or an alternative rigid clear plastic.

What does the cable screen kit include?

Plesae refer to the images.

The swivel-design cable anchor fittings come with screws and plugs to enable concealed fixing to plasterboard, masonry, wood etc. The top fitting includes a tensioning device and internal spring to keep the wire taut. The bottom fitting incorporates an automatic gripper to secure the plain end of the cable. The supplied cable is 4m long for each drop - excess cable can be cut off after completing the installation.

The side grippers to hold the clear panel glide up the wires to the required height, with a pair of grippers on each side of the panel. The top grippers have an inbuilt clutch mechanism to make initial adjustment and levelling a breeze. The bottom grippers are subsequently tightened at the correct height with a small allen key (supplied) to secure the screen in four places.

  • There are two kits, a Starter kit and an Extension kit.
  • The starter kit consists of two wires, four anchor fittings and four grippers. It is designed to secure a single panel.
  • If subsequent screens link to the first panel you need an extension kit per additional panel. The extension kit has one wire, two anchors and two double-sided grippers. Thus intermediate wires support a panel on each side. 
  • If you prefer a definite gap between adjacent panels please order a starter kit for each.
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