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Modular wall directory signs using updateable modular slats

Versatile wall directory signs using printed inserts slotted into aluminium slats - available in three widths: 60cm, 25cm and 15cm. Premium curved directory system in clear polycarbonate for a contemporary minimlist look: 60cm wide. For signposting around a building, our modular sign systems provide a versatile option that allows you to combine multiple slats into one wall mounted directory - which can be fixed without drilling and updated simply. Read more...

Wall mounted signs and directories

Our wall mounted directory sign systems offer an economical and flexible way to create and maintain helpful direction signs in schools, offices and public buildings. Supplied with strong adhesive tape backing the directory components can simply be stuck to the wall or door. Unlike expensive wayfinding systems which can only be updated by calling in a specialist sign company, we offer no nonsense entry level systems which can be updated in house using an office printer, plotter or roll fed printer. Alternatively it just requires a trip down to the local print and copy shop.

There are two types of slat: aluminium slats in 3 widths supplied with a clear plastic lens which flexes into place and can be removed with a suction cup. In each width there are two heights of slat - the taller slat is generally used as a header.

Or there is a crystal clear polycarbonate system with a modern frameless appearance. This is slightly dearer and described as a premium slat directory system and is only available in one size.

Order a starter Directory Sign kit comprising 4 aluminium sign slats in any of three widths
- then add extra slats as required.

Strong grip adhesive tape is pre-applied to back of sign for mounting either directly to the wall or onto a backing board. This directory sign system can be used with printed sign inserts or flexible sign substrates.