Bases for free-standing floor signs and panels

Floor standing panel holders in  a range of styles to suit all budgets Read more...


Sign bases for holding rigid display panels upright 

Stylish and modern, vertical panel floor signs supported by a stable metal base look good in car showrooms, museums, department stores etc. We offer several styles of display panel bases suited to different applications.  They can be used with toughened glass or clear acrylic panels, with flatbed print display boards, with ready-to-use poster display panels and for many other freestanding displays.

Stylish curved aluminium panel bases

Pressto is a beautiful curved aluminium sign base which will support many different types of display panel, including glass and acrylic sandwich totem graphic displays. A new addition to the range is MyPressto - a fully customisable version suited to brand promotion, product launches and so forth.  The beauty is that the customisation is achieved by a graphic print which can be exchanged easily.  So the MyPressto base can be reused many times for different marketing campaigns.

Free standing display board bases made from steel

The Monolith base from Green Magic has been popular for many years but has now been superseded by a more economical design of freestyanding display base.  These sturdy steel bases with tough powder coated finish are used to support acrylic, Dibond or other types of panel.  Graphics can be displayed in various ways in these attractive free standing units. 

A new economy range of rigid panel holders now replaces the range - Panel Trap is a steel signboard base which is cheaper to manufacture offering a low cost free standing display panel solution.  Panel Trap is designed for use with you own panel, for example produced on a flatbed printer on almost any type of display board.

Exchanging the display board with ease 

With all models of floor sign base it is practical to change the graphic in order to reuse the base.  The steel freestanding bases need the two halves to be unbolted and the panel has to be pre-drilled.  However with the new Easy Swap lightweight aluminium display base the board can be swapped simply by releasing a handwheel on the underside.  A similar method is used with the Pressto base system.

Floor sign bases - the most comprehensive range 

You can use our bases with your own rigid graphic panels or display boards.  To summarise our range of free-standing floor sign bases includes:

Panel Trap bases offer an economical solution being manufactured from steel with a silver powder coated finish. The two halves of the bases bolt together through the panel.

Pressto bases are aerofoil shaped aluminium extrusions offering a more designer look. The panel is clamped rigidly into position. 

Easy Swap is a lower specification budget aluminium sign base.