Acrylic sign holders with standoff fixings

Acrylic sign holders that 'stand off' from the wall present a modern and professional image in any setting - whether business, retail, beauty, or events and hospitality. Our blank acrylic signs have pre-formed acrylic pockets for holding your printed media, so you can display printed information or graphics in a contemporary and stylish manner. Our Crystal Sign and InfoQuick acrylic sign holders are also quick and easy to use. Read more...


Acrylic sign holders and acrylic door signs

Our acrylic sign holders and acrylic door signs include chrome or silver finished standoff wall fixings, completing the sleek and professional look - perfect if you are looking for something a little bit different and upscale from a traditional poster frame. The acrylic gives your print or graphic a high-end, high-gloss finish.

Office door signs with Crystal Sign

Crystal Sign offer its beautiful, minimalist style blank acrylic signs in four sizes - perfect for smart office or conference signage where information needs to look professional but may change on a regular basis, making permanent printed signs impractical.

  • Crystal Sign is supplied as a kit comprising two clear acrylic plates with notches into which the edge-fitting stand-off fixings locate.
  • Crystal Sign comes as a ready-to-use complete boxed set. 
    Four sizes are available: A6, A5, A4 and A3.
    See Help with Sizes link for exact dimensions.
  • Every Crystal Sign is supplied with 2 special semi-translucent paper inserts which can be printed using an office laser or inkjet printer. Replacement inserts are available. Clear instructions are included.
  • Ordinary paper can also be used for printing the inserts but you won't get the semi-transparent effect that makes genuine Crystal Sign inserts look so stylish.