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Wall mounted leaflet holders

Wall mounted brochure holders are supplied in A4 A5 1/3rdA4 formats. Each type of leaflet holder can easily be fixed to the wall or to a vertical display panel. Read more...

Wall mounted leaflet holders - single pocket 

Wall mounted leaflet holders are a very cost-effective way of dispensing printed leaflets and information to your customer, they can be screwed or glued to any type of wall or vertical surface. Used extensively throughout all sectors of industry, commerce and business these leaflet holders. Made from clear styrene they are tough and durable with integral screw holes that you can actually use. 

Leaflet rack wall mounted 

This handy wall leaflet display rack system uses an aluminium rail that you screw fix to your wall or counter front and then use the easy clip to lock the leaflet dispensers on to it to provide a really neat looking wall rack display, ideal if you want your leaflets to look nicely aligned but like me are not too great with a drill. This wall leaflet rack also lets you mix and match the different sizes of leaflet dispensers from A4 to A5 and even DL. Make your own wall display rack at a fraction of the cost of a fully framed unit.

Durable Combiboxx L & XL vertical stacking wall mounted leaflet dispensers for A4 or DL literature

Another quality product from the German Durable range of leaflet and brochure display holders engineered to click together simply and look really stylish. This vertical leaflet display system comes in 3 options for A4 and DL (1/3rdA4) brochures and leaflets. Available from our UK stock these premium leaflet dispensers have fast next day delivery options.

Wall brochure holders - single and multi leaflet versions

There are multiple variations of brochure holders that are available for your needs including:

  • Single wall-mount brochure holders in A4, A5 and DL size.
  • Tiered Combi-box multi brochure displays for A4 or DL size.
  • Modular ClipLock tiered brochure racks to suit A4, A5 or DL size (replaces our range of Panorama brochure holders).

Click here for FREE-STANDING LEAFLET HOLDERS for tabletop and countertop applications.