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Directory signs with facility to update easily

Directory signs offering the facility for users to update the displayed information are popular for directional signs, room door signs and flip poster displays. All our directory signage products accept printed inserts. Read more...

Interior signage systems for way finding using printed inserts

Architectural signage projects often include the provision of temporary or updateable signs. However some of the above systems are also equally viable for more permanent wayfinding signage.

Wall Directional Signage - Wayfinding signs which are updateable in-house.

Slat Directory Signs - Low cost wall directory signs using a versatile and simple extruded aluminium system.

The signage holders and document frames included in this section have been selected for their function and aesthetics.  Clients may either print their own paper inserts using pre-determined style sheets or templates - or this service can be provided by any printer.   Many users appreciate a directory signs system which is updateable in-house using interchangeable self-printed inserts.

The main characteristic of all these systems is that with well designed and correctly printed inserts this flexible, low cost and practical method of production does not detract from the finished display.  Generally it is not evident that the inserts are printed as opposed to being produced with vinyl graphics or engraving techniques.

Whether for way-finding signs, fire escape plans, office directory signs, identifying meeting room occupants, office door nameplates etc. the printed signage route can often replace traditional sign production techniques - which are generally expensive and very inflexible for the user.   Updateable signage makes it easy to respond to changes - which are inevitable in any working space, be it in education, commercial offices, public buildings, residential homes, health care etc.

Modular curved face technology MCFT has become established as a leading sign system and our products have been designed to deliver an affordable option for building owners. 

Hinged pocket displays provide easy reference to multiple pages of printed information. Sometimes called flip poster displays, print browsers or reference racks, we stock wall-mounted, table-top and floor standing poster flip displays ...

Flip poster displays

When you need to access printed information fast poster flip displays are perfect.  Hinged poster display frames are great for displaying menus, instruction sheets, brochures and reference information printed on standard size paper such as A4 size.

Desktop, workbench and counter-top flip poster displays

Whether on a smart reception desk, a checkout counter or a factory workbench poster flip poster displays allow users to get to the right information fast.  Catalogue pages, brochures, or A4 printed assembly instructions can be displayed in pivoting display pockets for fast access to the required data sheet, sales literature or assembly instruction sheet.

Desk flip displays include freestanding table-top models either sitting at table height (for seated operators) or raised up for easy viewing by people standing or sat on high stools.  There is also an excellent value model which clamps directly to the edge of a table, bench or desk - fully adjustable for perfect operator ergonomics and space saving.

Wall mounted flip displays

Wall flip displays are handy for providing information which is quickly accessible to persons standing. For example A4 menus or data sheets can be displayed at eye height. As with all our flip displays the information can be updated with ease, simply by removing the existing page and inserting an alternative A4 sheet of paper. An A4 flip wall display or swing frame poster display can accommodate up to 20 pages of information since each hinged poster pocket can take two sheets of paper back-to-back.

Wall mount poster display using a multiple poster holder offers a compact and space saving way to show a lot of information in a small space, providing easy access to a lot of information.

Floor standing flip display browsers

Floor poster browsers comprise a stable base and leg with a flip display unit mounted at the top.  Ideal for showrooms and exhibitions when wall-space can be at a premium the floor poster browsers can be positioned wherever required and moved easily.  Floor stand flip displays are popular in retail spaces, libraries, entrance foyers and restaurant entrance for displaying today's menu. The individual pockets are hinged on a supporting spine so they can be turned like pages in a book. Each poster pocket or display panel has a clear plastic protective sleeve to keep prints clean and professional looking. 

Poster flip display stands can be free-standing on a table or counter as well as the taller floor standing flip file display stands we supply.

Flip poster displays are often called reference racks in US and some other countries.  They can also be referred to as hinged poster displays, swing frame displays, swing panel poster display frames, flip file displays or swinging panel displays.  Unfortunately we do not currently offer larger sizes of poster flip rack for display of large posters, fine art prints etc.