Transportation wayfinding and signage

Wayfinding and signage systems in transportation hubs are crucial in ensuring the smooth flow of travellers through busy spaces. To be effective and help your customers, your signage needs to be clear, concise, and simple to understand. You’ll also need to ensure that your systems adhere to signage service level agreements and requirements. 

We’ve worked closely with a UK-based train company to develop a brand-new product to complement our already existing double royal sized sign holders. Designed to make a big impression from a distance, the double royal (40 x 25 inches) was used almost entirely by railway companies and airlines but is increasingly popular in big indoor and outdoor retail centres. Read more...

What is wayfinding? 

Wayfinding describes how we help groups and individuals navigate their way from one location to another. Providing a clear, concise, and simple to understand wayfinding system in your busy travel centre or transportation hub is a key element in ensuring your customer’s travelling experience is as enjoyable as possible. Getting your wayfinding system right is also crucial to the smooth operation of your business as you need to move people around quickly and with little fuss or hassle. 

Travel centres are busy places, often full of people who are unfamiliar with where to go. Moving through the different areas of a travel hub – ticketing, security, platforms, arrivals, departures, washrooms, refreshments etc – can be bewildering. Clear information that can be understood at a glance can remove the confusion and anxiety from the experience. 

In addition to wayfinding, travel hubs need to provide a whole range of further information to travellers – timetables, transport updates, and security notices and of course, travel hubs provide prime advertising space to third parties as an additional revenue source. 

Sign systems to help travellers  

We are a specialist supplier of sign holders for printed materials and offer an excellent range of cost-effective wayfinding and information display solutions. We understand how important it is to have easy-to-use sign holders in different sizes for different locations around your hub and have wall-mounted, hanging, and freestanding frames to suit all your display needs. Our systems are designed to display printed media clearly and to be changed quickly without removing the frame from its location – an absolute necessity when arrival and departure points are changed with little notice! 

As well as a well-established and very popular range of frames, cases and stands, we have recently worked closely with a UK rail company to develop a brand-new free-standing double royal poster stand which is being rolled out across many stations in the southeast.

Information display in transportation hubs 

Transportation hubs display a huge amount of information which needs to be read and digested by the public quickly and often whilst on the move and UK rail stations will adhere to the UK signage service level requirements governing size of notices and fonts to ensure readability from certain distances. We have sign holders in all sizes – from small door nameplates to double royal, quad and 4 sheet so you can make sure your information is displayed at an appropriate size to ensure readability and accessibility. 

Advertising display in transportation hubs 

We have an excellent selection of sign holders perfect for poster advertising – from wall-mounted A4 snap frames for washroom advertising to A boards and poster stands for retail concessions. We even offer a selection of floor-standing and tabletop menu holders for the food outlets and restaurants that can be found in airports and larger railway stations.