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Poster light boxes | Illuminated poster display

Our poster light-boxes illuminate your poster or advertisement from the rear with bright even and energy efficient LEDs. Our range includes wall light boxes for indoors and outside, cinema poster light box and illuminated poster display stands sourced from leading overseas light box manufacturers. Read more...

Poster display light boxes

Most light boxes have an ON/OFF switch.  
The flashing effect in some images illustrates the extra impact of a light box compared with a non-illuminated poster frame.

Poster light box solutions for illuminated poster displays

Light boxes offer a smart and eye-catching way to display posters and transparencies in retail display, at exhibitions, museums, libraries, art gallery, theatre foyer, bar, restaurant, reception halls and countless other areas.  Illuminated frames literally make your poster glow in the dark and even in a well lit area poster your advertising, promotions and brand image can shine through and be noticed with light box displays.  It's no wonder that the advertising light box has achieved such widespread popularity.  In comparison unlit poster frames can look dull and unexciting.

Lightbox technology latest advances

The illuminated light box has come on a long way in the past few years where Duratrans transparencies were always displayed in chunky illuminated display cabinets with fluorescent tube lighting.

Today digital printing offers many additional ways to source your posters suitable for back-lighting. In many cases LED light panels are replacing fluorescent tubes as these have always suffered from a relatively short service life with high electricity consumption.  Energy saving LED offers three main advantages: much longer service life, much lower running costs and the light source is tiny so very slim lightboxes can be designed.

Edge lit light boxes

Rather than placing fluo tubes in a box behind a light diffusing plate (which inevitably makes for a deep illuminated poster case) light box suppliers came up with the idea of shining the light from the edge of the diffuser panel for a slimmer design. Initially the slimmest fluo tubes known as T5 tubes were used to make T5 light boxes.  Another even slimmer light source called cold cathode tubes were also introduced to make cold cathode light boxes. However today LED lighting is taking over as the best way to manufacture edge lit light boxes.

Edge lighting does have size limitations as it is not possible to maintain even illumination over a certain size (generally A0 or 30"x40" is the upper limit).  For very large illuminated graphics the backlit poster box remains the best solution although there are new designs of illuminated stretch fabric light boxes coming on stream.

Changing graphics in a snap

Because the snap frame method of poster change is so convenient this has been widely incorporated into light box design.  For wall mounting the single-sided snap frame lightbox with edge illumination of the light guiding plate by economical LEDs is becoming a standard.  As an importer and wholesale supplier of light boxes we find these are equally popular with our trade customers as with managers of stores, bars, leisure centres etc. 

Double-sided snap frame light boxes with LED technology are also available with the same snap open and snap close design making poster change a breeze.  Our display light box manufacturers and suppliers have developed some excellent designs.

Curved illuminated frame

Curved front light boxes are popular in some locations - for example for display of menus in fast food establishments or take-aways.  These backlit displays have fluorescent tubes but incorporate the snap action poster change system.  The back lit snap sided curved fronted light box are economical lightbox display frames.

Back lit freestanding totems

Floor standing light boxes based on a column design are often referred to as Totem light boxes.  These have fluorescent tubes inside the upright lighted display unit with curved opal acrylic sheets to diffuse the light and create even brightness.

External light boxes

Waterproof lightboxes suitable for mounting on outside walls can also be supplied with either backlight or or front-lighting.  Note that backlighting requires the light to shine through the poster - so it needs to be printed onto a translucent paper or tranny.  For display of notices in an illuminated case a different product is required - a Menu light box.