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A4 Poster Frames

Looking for an A4 Poster Frame and need some guidance? Here's how to display A4 pieces of paper professionally!

Whether it be an A4 print, A4 photograph or A4 notice, you need an A4 frame to display it properly! In this collection we bring together a range of different A4 poster holders with guidance about choosing the right A4 frame for your needs. Read more...

It's not the same without a frame!

Forget sticky tape and tacky blobs - that's the amateur way to display your A4 signs and notices.

  • Whether you need to display signs on a wall or stick them onto a window, stand them on a table or display a sign outside, there is an A4 poster frame for the job - and we've almost certainly got it!

Our range is all about frames where you can change the contents easily and often. We don't specialize in picture frames, although any of our frames can be used to display pictures or certificates etc.

A4 Snap frames

  • A4 snap frames are made of aluminium, a metal which is ranked highly for its durability and can be recycled readily when no longer required.
  • Snap frames are sometimes called A4 clip frames - but more usually a clip frame is a cheap type of photo frame with fiddly clips to hold the frame together. We think we have better options!
  • With an A4 snap frame it is firstly fixed to the wall - usually with screws but we also offer suitable adhesive tape. Then the four sides of the frame are flipped open to insert your A4 print behind a flexible clear plastic cover sheet.
  • For outdoor use there are special types of snap frame. You can use a regular snap frame outdoors with a vinyl or similar plastic poster. But only a waterproof snap frame will prevent regular paper posters and notices getting wet and soggy.

A4 Poster frames for wall mounting

  • We offer several different types of wall poster frames in A4 size if a snap frame is not what you need.
  • Some A4 poster frames have an open slot or an opening flap/door to let you change your sign or notice. It's quick and easy for most of our frames, but if you want to avoid tampering look for a model with security features.
  • Frames can be mounted with screws (supplied if normally fixed this way) or adhesives - it is stated when adhesive tape or self-adhesive backing is included with the product.
  • Budget or prestige? Our A4 sign and poster holders range from low cost up to premium - for those requiring high quality corporate signage or who just prefer something a bit different!

A4 Sign holders to stand on a table

  • Often customers want to display an A4 print in a simple table top sign holder. Again we have choices!
  • A4 sign holders are often made of acrylic or a similar see-through plastic such as HIPS (high impact polystyrene). Table sign holders either stand upright - enabling double-sided display - or slanted. 
  • Angled A4 sign holders are easier to read when placed on a table and viewed by someone standing.
  • We have a special snap frame with a folding table strut called an Opti Frame for counter top use.
  • We also have a slot-in wooden A4 frame with optional feet if wood is your preference.