Glazed partition screen booth divider

  • Floor standing glazed partition screen 2m high with narrow end to fit into restricted spaces
  • Booth divider, also used as vending machine separators or slot machine partitions 
  • Full size foot one end with multi-use wall clips provided to stabilise the narrow end

Glazed partition screen booth divider

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Narrow-end divider for restricted spaces

This clear light-weight plastic glazed partition is specially adapted for use as a freestanding booth divider or protective screen when there is only a limited gap between machines or furniture, where side-by-side placement requires a physical barrier to shield adjacent persons against possible cross-infection.

  • The narrow end screen is an ideal solution when social distancing is required between one-arm bandits or slot machines in a casino or amusement arcade, between self service checkouts, wash basin vanity units, urinal stalls or machinery in a workshop.
  • Based on our popular floor standing protection screens, with this booth divider version one of the flat bar feet is replaced by a single-point foot. The three contact points with the floor can be used with standard rubber glide feet or fitted with castors for additional mobility.
  • Our 2m high by 1m wide glazed dividers are available with silver or black surrounds. 
  • The light gauge rigid clear plastic glazing is supplied ready-mounted in the aluminium frame.

Multi-purpose wall clips are included

Without additional support the narrow end would be less stable. So our glazed partition booth divider is supplied with multi-use wall clips.

  • The pair of clips can either be screwed or stuck directly to the back wall, spaced vertically so that the narrow-end frame surround engages into it with a snug push fit. Spacer blocks (not supplied) may be required to adjust for the thickness of skirting boards.
  • Sometimes the partition only needs to penetrate a short distance into the gap - for example between vending machines or one-arm bandits. In this case the strong adhesive tape fixing option can be applied to the side of each clip, allowing the clips to be stuck securely onto the side of one machines.
  • The metal wall clips are lined with EVA foam. This means that the frame surround is a snug push fit into the clipd. The divider can be removed or re-positioned while leaving the clips in place. 
  • Additional sets of wall clips are available in the event that multiple locations need to be enabled for use with screens which can then be positioned on-demand. 
  • The clips should be spaced apart to hold the upright member stable, but the exact positions are not critical provided the clips are aligned correctly.
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