Acrylic table top sign holders

Acrylic poster holders and print holders in various sizes for use as table menu holders, table talkers, restaurant table top display stands, and all types of table sign holders. Slanted single-sided or upright double-sided poster holders for table-top, desk-top and counterRead more...


Print holders and poster holders made from crystal clear acrylic and PS

Table top sign holders are often described as acrylic print holders or table poster holders. Perspex and other acrylic poster holders have long proved popular in the retail, leisure and tourism sectors. Clear PS and acrylic print holders present your printed menu or price card elegantly - whether on a counter-top, table or shelf.

Angled or upright acrylic sign holders in standard sizes

Choose between slanted lean-back print holders or upright versions which can be used double-sided. Or consider our triangular acrylic print holder - ideal for tabletop use. Upright print holders and lean-back or slantedmenu holders are available in standard paper sizes.

Table talkers with a plastic or metal base

Table talkers to suit a small budget which in no way compromise on quality. Free-standing menu holders are for displaying table-top signs economically. We offer a choice of budget menu holders offering excellent value.

  • One-piece menu holder with moulded oval shape clear plastic base.
  • Two part unit: curved metal snapper base plus separate clear sleve.
  • Two-part unit: triangular shape plastic base plus separate clear sleeve.
  • Menu holder base for stiff card or board used without a sleeve.
Standard size paper is inserted directly into the menu holder or into the semi-rigid sleeve in the case of the two part display holder. Simply print your paper menu and slot it into the holder.