Pavement signs and A boards

Pavement signs, also referred to as A-Boards, offer a great way to promote your business. We have a fantastic range on offer - you can choose between A-Board pavement signs with useful features such as sturdy windproof bases that can withstand our changeable weather or different styles within our range of tried and tested A-Boards and A-frame poster stands. Read more...


Pavement signs with posters

Pavement signs and A-Boards 

Pavement signs and A-boards are one of the most common outdoor advertising methods for all kinds of retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, and there's no question as to why - outdoor pavement signs are eye-catching, easy to use and great value for money.  Without a doubt, the top product in this category is the snap frame A-board - with snap frames on either side, you can display and change any poster or advertisement within seconds and capture the attention of passers-by from both directions.

Beware! There are many different cheap types of A-Board available, but only the professional quality A-boards and pavements that we supply will give you years, rather than months, of service. Our manufacturing process uses high-quality materials to ensure that your A-board will stay looking great for much longer than cheaper alternatives. We have also chosen a rounded-corner design that is much safer for use in high footfall areas.

The quick-change snap poster frames have coated sheet steel back panels for added weight, stability, and rust-resistance. Our portable A-frame signs are sturdy enough to withstand a range of weather conditions but are quickly folded down for moving when needed. Weighing in at around 8kgs, simply unlock the sidebars and fold your A-board up at night to easily bring in for safe storage.

Sandwich board signs

A-boards are sometimes known as sandwich board signs. A boards are portable, foldable and easy to use and store. Sandwich boards and A-boards can be used to display posters or have chalkboard face for you to create your own unique signs and messages.

Chalk A-boards

Chalk A-boards are hugely popular in the hospitality sector, where menus and offers can change daily (or even more regularly!). Get creative with our liquid chalk pens and make your chalkboard A-board reflect the style of your venue. The new range even has black magnetic panels mean you can mix and match your chalk pen designs with printed media for a really distinctive look!

Water filled base pavement signs

Water filled base pavement signs are a perfect alternative to the concrete base signs used in many outdoor and roadside locations where gusty winds can be problematic. Our water base pavement signs are light and easy to move when empty but become very heavy and stable when filled with water. The special design features of wind-deflecting springs and wheels to enable repositioning make these signs perfect for forecourts, carparks and other open spaces. We're pleased to supply an excellent range of budget, WindPro and WindCheater models so whatever you need, we're sure to be able to supply.

A-board SIZES

Choosing the right size pavement sign or A-board is important.
When considering A board sizes we recommend you take a look at what other businesses in your area use and think about the space available on the pavement, forecourt or car park. Please do not 'guess' the size as these products are bulky to ship and mistakes can be costly to rectify. Indoors A-Board size is also a factor to consider to get the right balance between visual impact whilst avoiding obstruction.

In general, the following guidance applies:

A2 A-Boards are compact, unobtrusive, will fit in the average car and are easy to handle. They are popular for use at exhibitions, in cafes or within a store entrance foyer.

A1 Pavement signs are the most popular size on the average high street or in shopping malls and A1 size posters can be obtained easily from printers and copy shops. A1 A-Boards are available as the folding type of sandwich board - i.e. as an A-frame design - or with an upright standing double-sided frame, supported on a heavy base - which is usually filled up with water to act as ballast.

A0 Pavement boards are large and can obstruct pavements so they are often more suitable for larger premises such as out of town stores or supermarkets with a large forecourt. Even when fitted with wheels the water-fill versions are heavy to move and it would be unusual to bring in an A0 pavement sign at night.
30 x 40-inch pavement signs have similar restrictions to A0 size.
40 x 60-inch sign boards are even larger and definitely not for the high street - but fine for the average garage forecourt where you want to communicate with moving traffic rather than with pedestrians walking down the sidewalk or pavement.